Who are we?

The Travelling Natural History Museum was founded by nature enthusiast and expert Peter Ta’Bois in 2003.

Peter started his career with a keen interest in horticulture, arboriculture and pre-historic natural history.

His passion for dinosaurs spans over thirty years and led to the creation of his museum which brings an unrivalled travelling collection of dinosaur fossils and natural history exhibits to schools, children’s parties, special venues and events across the UK.

What is the Travelling Natural History Museum?

The Travelling Natural History Museum started as a highly successful educational exhibition enjoyed by all types of people from school children to serious dinosaur enthusiasts across South East England.

Today we offer educational dinosaur workshops for schools as well as our ever-popular dinosaur parties. The success of The Travelling Natural History Museum means that Peter’s work has been recognised and shared globally with other historians and naturalists.

We are now working in partnership with The National Geographic London Store.

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What do we do?

School & educational Workshops
Classroom workshops, sessions and lectures bringing the museum into schools, and covering dinosaur-related topics through to Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic ages.

Party Entertainment
Celebrate your kids’ birthday in a completely unique and fun way with one of our dinosaur- themed parties. Our most popular party is the Dino Party featuring our very own Dino Man!

Museum curating and consultation.

Events & Roadshows
Workshops, lectures and events bringing the museum into stores, shopping centres and more.

Our work with schools has even made local news!


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