Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur Party


Here at The Travelling Natural History Museum we provide The best dinosaur themed birthday parties in the UK!

We offer an entertaining and engaging theme for your child’s special day, making it into a fun, educational and, most importantly, enjoyable occasion that will be talked about for months afterwards.

We guarantee to keep all the children engaged and entertained during the party by bringing the wonderful world of dinosaurs and fossils to life.

How do Dinosaur Parties work?

Our party planner will liaise with you to create your child’s ‘Dinosaur Party’ just the way you want it to be. On the big day, we’ll arrive at your venue in good time to set up and run your child’s Dinosaur party so you can relax and enjoy it as much as the children.

This extra special party will provide an unforgettable birthday experience for your child that everyone will be talking about for weeks and months afterwards!  Our vast collection of life size and prehistoric artefacts will really bring the Mesozoic period to life!

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What’s included?

Most of our customers leave the planning of their child’s Dinosaur Party to us. With years of experience we know what works and which elements are most popular.

And of course, we tailor the whole experience to the age group of the party from toddlers to pre-teens.

Other options

If you prefer to personalise your party to your own requirements, we offer a range of options including sharks and polar bears. Just tells us what you need and we’ll usually be able to accommodate your requirements.

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Party Info

For further details on the parties please click on the drop down links below.

– CASTING and MOULDING: Great fun making highly detailed replica fossils using museum standard rubber moulds. These have been handmade by museum experts using real fossils so the children will have an exact replica of a real fossil that they can take home as a party gift (they are 2-3 inches across so perfect for party bags). No extra work for mum!

– TEACHING: We will teach them about different types of dinosaurs by allows the children to engage with our rare collection of models and historical artifacts. We teach them facts about the dinosaurs in my collection and the best part is for them to get to touch real fossils and bones that I bring along.

– FUN DINOSAUR GAMES: Of all the party games, we have found that pass the parcel is always the number one party game. We can supply this for an additional cost of £18. We can also provide lots of party stuff which allows us to try different dinosaur themed games! These include the “dinosaur stilt race” and the “great dinosaur egg race”.

For the party to run smoothly, we ask for guests to be punctual so that children do not miss out on activities. As the first guests arrive I put on a general party pop CD to get everyone in the party mood.

As the guests arrive I encourage them to come over to my arts and crafts table so they can make their wonderful plaster of Paris replica fossils. As soon as the guest have completed this they can go and look at the wonderful dinosaur display, play on the dinosaur space hoppers and dinosaur stilt feet.

After about 10-15 minutes the space hoppers are put to one side and all the children are gathered up and sat in a semi-circle in front of my stage area. I then get the birthday child to stand next to Dino man / Dino girl and tell me their age and their favorite dinosaur and get everyone to give them a large round of applause. The child will then sit back with their friends and I will start the party show which is usually the horrible stinky dinosaur belly experiment! In this the children get to join in and become a large eating sauropod, giving them a chance to look at and smell the inside of a dinosaur belly.

Following this, we look at some real dinosaur fossils and bones and some replica teeth and claws. This sets us up nicely for a break where the children will go and have their party food while I cast out all the fossils they made at the beginning of the party and get part 2 ready.

Part 1 lasts 35/40 minutes on average, with roughly 15 minute break for food and I then round everyone up to sit down again. I put ‘Happy Birthday’ music so the parent can bring out the cake and everyone can sing happy birthday. This means the parents have time to slice the cake ready for the end of the party.

Part 2 of the party often starts off with a game and then a dinosaur battle demonstration. The finale is the fantastic meteorite strike demonstration! The entertainer usually finishes the party with the birthday child casting out their fossil like a paleontologist in front of all the other children, and then giving a lighthearted green message about looking after the wonderful animals that live today.

This is the end of the 1.5 hour entertainment and is time to end the party and pack away. 

1. We will require 1.5 hours to set up for the party and 1.5 hours to re-load all the equipment after the party. Venue will need to be hired for 4.5 hours in total.

2. Dinosaur party arrives in a large long wheel base van with a high roof so there must be space to unload and park outside or nearby the party premises so that we can unload and reload with ease. Please check that there are no height restrictions on the car park.

3. Parking needs to be close to the venue room (PARKING CHARGES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ORGANISER).

4. We have large models so would need a standard door width (minimum), preferably a double door to bring these models into the hall. We cannot man oeuvre these round tight corners or up flights of stairs.  

5. If you want us to bring the large heavy models, I will require assistance from the organiser to bring it in and take it out at the end of the party.

6. Power Sockets are required for our CD player and PA system.

We recommend holding the event in a sports hall, assembly or village hall, scout huts, community centers, church halls or school halls. Please be aware that we no longer accept bookings where the party is held at home or outside.


Please also check our map to see if you are in range.

Prices & Payment

Every party is priced based on distance from our yard/depot and the number of children that will be attending the party. To get your tailored quote, please contact us.

We require a deposit of £50 to secure your booking. The final balance must be paid to the entertainer on the day of the party before they leave the building. Late payments will incur an additional charge of £25.

Before making any enquiries, please check our map to see if you are in range. We are based next to Stansted Airport, Essex. 

Reduced Rate Party Options:

We now offer LARGE REDUCTIONS via three possible reduced rate options to significantly reduce your party cost:

  1. £50 off any midweek party.
  2. £65 off for a small number (mini holiday) party where there are 10 kids or less participating (only valid during school holidays).
  3. £80 off for a shorter 45 minute party hosting (details on what’s including provided on request).

You may combine 1, 2 or all 3 of the above with the option to save up to £195 off your party quote (providing the party date(s) fall within the relevant option criteria).

Additional Information

If you would like more information about our Princess Parties, click here to head over to our Wow Party Productions website