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Dinosaur and Natural History Workshops for Schools

At Travelling Natural History Museum we run Dinosaur Workshops for schools, using real dinosaur artifacts, fossils and life size models. Our workshops provide students, teachers and parents with a highly educational yet enjoyable hands on experience of the dinosaur age, without leaving the school.

Every school Dinosaur Workshop includes valuable natural history-based educational content delivered in a fun and lively style, with a huge range of educational exhibits which students and staff can interact with.

The Dinosaur Workshop can be tailored to your school’s specific requirements, and can include content that aligns perfectly with the National Curriculum.

Bringing Dinosaurs to Life in the Classroom

Run by dinosaur expert and TNH founder Peter Ta’Bois (or as the kids call him, Dino Man!), your school will benefit from an educational dinosaur workshop with a major difference.

This is not your usual ‘don’t touch’ or ‘please be quiet’ experience, with pupils rushed quickly by displays to catch the coach home in time.

It’s an interactive, educational workshop that includes opportunities for hands on experience with real dinosaur relics and fossils, and where the lesson plan can be designed to your own specification. We can also adapt our dinosaur workshops to suit your school’s specific layout, facilities and timescale.

What’s involved?

Our aim is to offer students an insightful, interactive learning experience about dinosaurs and prehistory in a safe and comfortable environment.

At your workshop, pupils will have the opportunity to engage with lively, interactive talks on dinosaurs, ocean creatures, sea life and natural history, tailored to meet the needs of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum. Subjects include literacy, numeracy, science, history, geography, art and even music.

We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of dinosaur workshops for schools. We have the largest travelling collection of fossils and replicas, including some LIFE SIZE models, and provide pupils of all ages with a hands-on and truly unforgettable educational experience!

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School Dinosaur Workshop Info

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The activities we offer include:

– Arts & crafts

– Fossil casting

– Sand paleontology session excavating dinosaur bones

– Meteorite demonstration

– Concrete casting, make your own giant dinosaur footprint or ammonite for your school

– Dino drama

– Guess the fossil

– Reduce, Reuse & Recycle activity

– Giant dino jigsaw

Details coming soon…

Children of all ages are fascinated by prehistoric beasts and creatures. They quickly learn the correct prehistoric names and terms and it is important that we all help the children of today continue to learn dinosaur facts and information associated with this early period of history.

Our Dinosaur Workshops for schools offer an ideal way to harness children’s early interest in the prehistoric era and by encouraging them through interactive learning, we can channel that interest to study science and other subjects on the key stages of the National Curriculum.

All of our sessions encourage pupils to think, ask questions, listen, observe, record information, place things in chronological order, connect places and ideas and develop a myriad of other essential skills. Pupils also engage in arts and crafts, use drama and props to learn how dinosaurs moved as well as exploring new materials to produce creative pieces of work. We also aim to encourage an interest in, and an understanding of, the natural world and their place within it.

TNH is more cost effective for a school budget and also no permissions from guardians or parents are needed for the workshop. There is no need for arranging coaches or outdoor lunches, registers and counting student heads.

Our school dinosaur workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements. We also offer a fascinating range of made to order items, as well as genuine fossil artifacts.

The UK is rich in dinosaur history! Material covered will be relevant and engaging. Pupils experience fun and educational learning whilst teachers can cover topics from National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and seamlessly convey the message on how to care for our planet.

Many enlightened, enterprising schools today recognise the crucial role played by natural history in children’s development. Be one of them! Contact Travelling Natural History today!

The Travelling Natural History Museum also run a gift shop whilst onsite at your school, offering a range of fun and educational souvenirs, models and gifts all with a dinosaur or natural history theme.
We offer a hire service. Please contact us for rates on Natural History Exhibition replicas, fossils, casting moulds and information sheets

Prices & Packages

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