Dino Man goes Shark Diving!

24 November 2017

This was taken during Dino Man’s Shark Dive at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It is the full 15 minute version that was taken while he was diving.  You can see what an absolutely thrilling time he had being so close to these amazing creatures.  Follow us on Facebook for more info on all the crazy things we get involved with!


Ice Age & Cave Man Exhibition at Saffron Walden Museum

12th August 2017 – 14th January 2018

This event featured a 2 meter long Sabre tooth tiger and European wolf which are being delivered shortly.  We also had a 6ft cave man, woolly mammoth model, flint, hand axes, arrowheads, cave mans hunting equipment along with ice age bones of European bison, woolly rhino and mammoth!



Newcastle under Lyme

A week long visit to a school in Newcastle under Lyme near Stoke.  We held a dinosaur exhibition with fantastic models and all sorts of activities and crafts for the children.  Follow us on Facebook for more details about our upcoming events and news.